Saturday, April 15, 2017

Alumni ready to fight for SSU to stay in Division I

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- When Willie Walker started the 300 Club last year, he had a vision of giving Savannah State University better locker rooms for its student-athletes and better offices for its coaches.

Now he’s committed to raising every dollar possible to keep Tiger athletics from taking a step down one level.

SSU baseball player Turner Davis told the Savannah Morning News on Wednesday that he and other student-athletes were informed by athletic director Sterling Steward about a possible move to NCAA Division II starting in 2019. The Tigers currently compete in Division I-AA (FCS) in football and Division I in all other sports. Steward declined a request for comment.

That news has reached the ears of SSU alumni like Walker, a 1981 graduate who is now an attorney in Jacksonville, Fla., and many are willing to stand up and prevent it from happening, Walker said.

“Everyone in the alumni community is dead-set against returning to Division II,” Walker said Friday.

Walker is the CEO of the 300 Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises money for Savannah State athletics.

“We’re making sure that the resources are there so that it doesn’t happen,” Walker said about the proposed plan for SSU to drop to Division II. “Our mission has been repurposed toward raising funds toward the erasing of the deficit so our student-athletes can have a good Division I experience.”


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