Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GSU’s DeVante Kincade ready to leave mark among Tiger greats

GRAMBLING, Louisiana -- Life beyond Grambling's campus is still many month away for DeVante Kincade of early visits to the Eddie Robinson museum left him inspired.

"The day I stepped in there I couldn't believe it. It was so many NFL players. It's just like when you walk into Nick Saban's place; all them NFL players on the wall. I walked into Eddie Robinson's museum I said oh my goodness. All I could see is myself up there because they came through and did it so it's not impossible," explained Kincade.

The quarterback earned SWAC offensive player of the year honors and led GSU to a HBCU national championship in 2016 and even with some key names missing from the receiving corps, he's confident in their ability to take up the mantle.

"We got some you guys that's hungry and you know what they say about people that's hungry, they'll do anything to eat. So my receivers I know their excited to come in and fill those shoes because they know that everybody knows those guys are gone. They read the media, they know that they got to come out and play hard and meet their expectations and go above those expectations because there's no way you can be the same way and go back and win another championship," said Kincade.


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